Our staff does ALL the work for you!
We lead the party, serve the cake/treats/drinks.
We make a gift list for you to take home,
We do all the clean up  and even walk your stuff out to the car!

A NO Stress Party!!

Base Price:
$275 for 12 children ($250 for a Dynamic Dance Member)
$8 per child as extra guests

**Extra time may be added for a fee and is based on availability.

$50 Non-refundable deposit required.

Party Includes:
  • Dynamic Dance Invitations
  • A shirt for the birthday child
  • 1 hour in our Dance Room - includes props to wear during party, dancing lead by instructor, and games!
  • 30 minutes of Party Room time with a staff host for cake and presents
  • Party favor bags for the attendees
Call us to claim your date!
  • Birthday cake and candles
  • Drinks*
  • Pizza, snacks, or other desired food

*No alcoholic drinks.
CRAFTS: $80 (supplies for up to 12 attendees; $5 ea. child over 12)
Dynamic Dance will provide everything you need for each child to create and take home a craft related to your party theme!

HAIR & MAKEUP: $50 (supplies for 12 attendees; $3 ea. child over 12)
Your party host will give each child a makeover! Dynamic Dance will provide basic hair accessories and make up for your guests to get GLAM!

LENGTHENED PARTY: $45 per additional ½ hour of time added.

Want your party to be led by a character matching your theme? Your dance instructor will dress up like the princess or character that your party is themed for.
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"I had my daughter's party at Dynamic Dance. It was so great! The staff are very friendly and helpful. The price was great for everything - the set-up to serving the cake! It felt great not having to do a thing! The time of all the events was perfect. Thanks! "
-Melissa M.
Dynamic Dance Party Policies:
  • Party Waivers are required to be signed and returned prior to the start of the party.
  • Host Family may arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time and stay 15 minutes past scheduled
  • end time.
  • If time limits are exceeded, the party will be charged for additional party time.
  • Guaranteed guest count for the party is due 1 week prior to the party. If we do not receive a call for an adjusted guest count, Dynamic Dance will assume to plan for 12 attendees.
  • If guests over 12 attend the party without notice, Dynamic Dance reserves the right to charge for these additional kids if they participate in the party and/or any add-ons.
  • The total party balance is due on the Thursday prior to party date. If payment is not received by this time, your dance instructor/host will NOT be there for your party.
  • Base prices for parties are set and priced to include up to 12 attendees. If you have less than 12 kids​ attend, the base price still remains the same.
  • If you guarantee and pay for over 12 attendees, there are no refunds for kids who do not show up day of. Dynamic Dance will have already bought supplies and prepared for the number you guaranteed.
  • Dynamic Dance will require a valid credit card to be on file for your party expenses. You may pay with cash or check ahead of time, but if no payment is received by the due date, Dynamic Dance reserves the right to automatically charge the card on file.
  • By signing up for a Dynamic Birthday Party and paying your party deposit, we assume you agree to the above terms & policies.