1. Ballet
    A classical dance form & is the basis for ALL dance technique. In class dancers will learn ballet French terms, technique, ballet barre exercises and combinations. Ballet class is VERY important for the more serious dancer.
  2. Jazz
    A technique centered form of dance. Dancers will learn progressions and combinations in order to master the basic jazz steps. Jazz pieces are usually fun & happy.
  3. Tap
    A dance focused on rhythm. Tap shoes are important as they create precise sounds as they strike the floor.
  4. Hip Hop
    A pop culture style of dance that continues to develop and change. Hip hop is largely focused on mastering strong movements and understanding rhythm. Taking hip hop class is a great way to improve coordination. It is fun & energetic.
  5. Musical Theatre
    A jazz based form of dancing that emphasizes body language often dancers assume the role of a character sometimes lip syncing. Dances will focus on Broadway show styles or fun characters.
  6. Lyrical
    A style of dance using multiple dance forms as a basis including ballet & jazz. The goal is to express a message or story through movement. It has a strong concentration of using emotion and the message or story is often serious.
  7. Contemporary
    This genre has the same goal as lyrical dance to express a message or story however, traditional guidelines of ballet & jazz movements are altered in movement. For example, instead of pointed feet the feet are arched & flexed.
  8. Twinkle Toes
    A class full of creativity for budding young dancers. It focuses on basic body movement and coordination. Dancers will learn beginning dance terms, classroom expectations and (most important) having a ton of fun with dance friends!