Our competition team is the best choice Dynamic has to offer for girls and boys that are more committed and serious about dance. 

The tryout process begins at our annual dance camp in early August.  Once the team is formed each member is placed in a tap, jazz, hip hop, and in the production number for the competition season, community performances and the recitals.  Generally, practice times are each Tuesday and Thursday from 6 pm to 9 pm.  Practice time is dedicated to technique, ballet, conditioning and dance rehearsal.  Tuition for the required classes is $175/month.  For an additional expense dancers may participate in a partnership to attend classes at a local gymnastics facility to work on tumbling skills.  Additional dance expenses include costumes, competition fees and miscellaneous items some of which incur only in the first year. 

Our youngest competition team group is called Show Troupe. They are in a tap, a jazz and possibly the all production number. Generally, practice times are Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 5 pm OR 6 pm to 7 pm. Tuition is $85/month (August - June). For additional fees they may attend academy & technique classes on other nights to participate in hip hop or other styles of dance. 

We are proud of the costume awards we have recieved!   Each of them are designed by our coaches and are personally crafted for
each dancer by our seamstress. The price includes any necessary alterations.  

We participate in three regional competitions a year as well as a national competition.  All regional competitions are in the greater
Kansas City area.  We will most likely travel to our national competition at the end of June or the first half of July.  

Performers that are interested in more than just the required dances, may be invited to participate in a solo, duo,
trio or a small group.  Participating in these is optional.  

It is important to consider before trying out for the competition team, that your dancer and family understand that this is
an August through June commitment.