​​​​​​​​​​​At Dynamic Dance we’ll give you professional instruction with just the right personal touch. Your kids will feel like they're at home dancing in their bedrooms, only a bit better.​
We have an award winning competition program. We also offer recreation classes for students who want less of a time commitment.  Dynamic Dance prides itself on being a very family-feel type of studio, while still being focused on the art of dance and techinque. 
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Latest News
  1. SYTYCD Convention
    Aug 6
    Guest Choreographers: Caleb Brauner, Erik "Silky" Moore, and Courtney Thurston
  2. Recitals
    June 24th: 1pm, 4pm, & 7pm
    Liberty Performing Arts Center
  3. Sam Picart Hip Hop Workshop
    June 25
    3 Sessions: Beginner to Advanced

"To protect the reputation of dance education by setting a high standard for safe and fair business practices. Making a commitment to ensure all students, regardless of age or skill level are offered a quality dance education."